Mad Men Style

It was my friend Denee‘s 30th Birthday on the weekend & to celebrate she had a fabulously stylish Mad Men themed birthday dinner. The venue was perfect, everyone looked era appropriate & the cocktails were strong (all you can ask for really).

Because I am a bad blogger & hate having my photo taken, I only managed to get one slightly non-hideous photo in my Mad Men get-up. I was going for a Trudy Campbell feel but still managed to look slightly insane/like a 5yo who has been allowed to dress themselves for the first time.

Trudy Campbell (not me)

I had grand plans on doing a hair & make-up tutorial but forgot as I was doing it. Maybe I’ll do it again as I did like the hair (sometimes my giant hair comes in handy).

Me & my big hair


5 thoughts on “Mad Men Style

    • Maybe I’ll do one anyway when I get back from holidays, might actually take my time & do a better look, haha.
      You can have some of my hair, I have enough for everyone!

    • It was good that everyone dressed up, nothing worse than when people don’t come in the theme & ruin everything. It was at The Falconer so all the photos look like they are straigh out of the 60’s. Did get a few looks from all the drunks when I was walking down Oxford st though, haha.

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