Clean Freak

Ok so I think we have firmly established by now that I love cleaning products in pretty packaging with non-chemical scents. I’ve been searching high & low for my two favourite brands I used in America. Unfortunately it seems Mrs Myers & Caldrea don’t seem to be available anywhere in Australia & the ebay stores have ridiculous shipping pricing.

Now I’m not going to discriminate in case there is someone out there who is planning on going to America soon & wants to bring some of these beauties back in their suitcase (I may or may not have done exactly that).

Mrs Myers Clean Day products come in 6 fabulous scents & they even do seasonal scents though my personal favourite is Lemon Verbena (BIG surprise there I bet). The range has everything from candles, to household cleaners to body products. This brand is available everywhere in america including Target & Whole foods (my favourite supermarket in the world).

Mrs Myers Clean Day Lemon Verbena Countertop Spray

Caldrea has my all time favourite scent, Sea Salt Neroli which contains  Lemon Verbena, Cardamon, Neroli, unique mineral notes and musk. So it sounds a little intense but you know if I like it it could be nothing but clean & fresh, it smells exactly like what I wish the sea actually smelt like.

If for some reason you don’t go crazy over the Sea Salt Neroli scent, they also have 5 other scents including Lavender Pine as well as 2 seasonal scents.

Like the Mrs Myers range, they have everything from house hold cleaning products, candles & body care. I especially love their old fashioned cleaning tools.

Sea Salt Neroli Counter Top Cleanser


Ok so if you’re like me & not planning on a visit to the states any time soon, then 2 these two brands which you can find locally will have to suffice.

Method Home used to be readily available at Woolworths supermarkets however they never seem to have my favourite scent, Cucumber. Luckily for cucumber scent freaks like me, you can buy their entire range on the Method Home Website. I also adore the Eucalyptus & Mint Tub & Tile spray, such a much nicer scent to clean your bathroom with than those bleach based cleaners that you have to use in a well ventilated area lest you pass out & die (exaggerate, me? What it could happen). Since I don’t have any windows in my en-suite, this is a much better option.

Method Cucumber All Purpose Spray

If you are wanting an Aussie owned & made brand, then Murchison-Hume is for you. I can’t even decide which is my favourite scent in this brand, It’s a tie between Juniperberry, Australian White Grapefruit & Original Fig.

I normally keep all my cleaning products in a bucket that I can carry from room to room but Murchinson-Hume sells a much more glamorous version; a Bamboo Cleaning Caddy!

Murchinson-Hume “Classic Six” 500ml Boxed Set

Now go forth & clean!

5 thoughts on “Clean Freak

  1. I am such a cleaning product freak! I also loved the Cinderella products but now you can’t get them in the supermarket 😦

    I am a big fan of the smell of White King as well…peoople think i’m weird because of that!

    • Don’t worry, I have been known to use the phrase ‘The smell of bleach is the smell of happiness’.
      I used to use Cinderella too, I liked their Spearmint spray & wipe & the pineapple floor cleaner!

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