Hard Candy Christmas

As is our way, we became a little obsessed with decorating our house for Christmas. We spent an obscene amount of money on fairy lights; inside & outside though we like to think of the outdoor solar powered fairy lights as an investment. This year our theme changed from pastel to teal, fuchsia, lime green & purple though next year I want to get a real Xmas tree as our little silver tree from our last house is dwarfed in the bigger place we are living in now.


Note the St George Dragons & South Sydney Rabbitohs Xmas decorations, they glow in the dark!

I like the way our Xmas stockings are side by side with peace in the middle, just in case they decide to start a footy fight.

Mine is the Rabbitohs stocking just in case you were wondering.

We like to follow through with a theme, we also have the same coloured lamps to match the bowls

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