Fairy Floss Hair Fail – For Now

Ok so after 2 bleachings, my hair still isn’t white enough to go pale pink but in a interesting turn of events, my hair is now a lovely shade of blonde. Very similar in fact to what I used have when I spent hundreds of dollars every 6 weeks at the hairdressers back when I had a disposable income.

So I have decided to leave it blonde for the time being instead of risking a 3rd bleaching & having my hair all fall out especially when it already resembles hay.

Me before I turned into a tight arse & starting crack den bleaching* my hair


*Crack Den Hair Bleaching started when 8 of us were staying in Melbourne in a studio we nicknamed The Crack Den as it was in St Kilda. We decided to bleach one of our friends hair as well as mine & that’s how Crack Den Hair Bleaching started. Me & Kiki from Oh Errol & Fine Feather are extremely proficient in the art of Crack Den Hair Bleaching, we even do Crack Den Hair Cutting & Crack Den Hair Extensions. It’s all about the DIY.



6 thoughts on “Fairy Floss Hair Fail – For Now

  1. the funniest thing is people always ask us where we get our hair done coz they want the same thing….we should totally start a makeshift salon in our backyard

  2. and i thought that ‘crack den bleaching’ was born in the bra,when u and kizzy lived there!
    you gotta love ‘industrial strength hair’ or as my mother calls mine: horse hair! x 🙂

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