Top Five Friday Clean Scent Edition

When I used to work around fragrances I lost my sense of smell so favoured heavier florientals but now I am out of the fragrance game I love light clean fragrances that smell like soap & crisp clean sheets.

Here are my top five clean fragrances

1. Blanc des Cotons Eau de Parfum by Sinfonia di Note Lucky Scent

If clean sheet day is your favourite day of the week like me then you’ll adore this fragrance. With floral notes, lavender, amber, vanilla & guaiac wood this fresh fragrance smells like pure white cotton sheets line-dried in a meadow and then ironed to a satisfying crispness.

2. Philosophy Pure Grace Skin Store

One of the original soap & water fragrances, Pure Grace will make you feel like you just stepped out of the shower all day long. I love taking a purse size version of this when I am out drinking so I can spray it at 2am when I’m feeling not so fresh.

3. Clean Fresh Laundry Kit Cosmetics

I am so excited that the Clean fragrances are finally available in Australia. If you love Clean fragrances, then you can’t go wrong with anything from the range however this one is my one of my favourites. This fragrance will leave you smelling as good as freshly washed towels with notes of  Brazilian Orange, Rose Otto, Night Blooming White Jasmine, Cotton Blossom and Mexican Lime.

4. L’eau Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum by Serge Lutens Lucky Scent

This fragrance is the first of a series of “anti-perfumes” from Serge Lutens for the days when you want to take a break from scent. Luten’s says this has the smell of a “crisp, freshly-laundered white shirt”, of “the most expensive soap in the world”.
With notes of aldehydes, citrus, magnolia, white mint, clary sage, ozonic notes & musk, he may have just created exactly that.

5. Demeter Cucumber by Demeter Fragrance Library Purfumery

Although not technically designed as a ‘clean fragrance’ I still snuck it in as there is nothing a fresh as the scent of cucumber. It’s light, fresh, watery and cool which makes it the perfect scent for a hot summer’s day.

2 thoughts on “Top Five Friday Clean Scent Edition

    • If you keep an eye on they usually have samples of fragrances that you can buy, but unfortunately they don’t have any of the Blanc des Cotons at the moment.

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