Sister Blog – In Fine Feather

Since I went shopping after work to buy such necessities as crack den hair bleach & toner (will explain this part later) I am just going to do a quick post on our new health & fitness sister blog; In Fine Feather.

It’s written by my house-mate Kiki but don’t be scared off by the fact it’s a health & fitness blog, it’s full of lolz about Kiki’s struggle to lead a healthy lifestyle that everyone who is female can relate too. She also plans on sharing some of her yummy healthy recipes for everyone to try for themselves. I live with her & she is a culinary genius at making healthy alternatives to our favourite ‘junk’ food.

Kiki also suffers from an addictive personality so you can imagine what our household is like when both of us of us get addicted to the same thing (there is no other explanation as to why we have over $300 worth of solar fairy lights in our backyard).Unfortunately neither of us  are yet to be addicted to healthy food & exercise but hopefully that will change soon.

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