We Heart Wednesdays

Ok, so this is a new segment dedicated to my current loves & obsessions.

The winner this week is Red Leaf Room Spray!

It  comes in 13 different fragrances & is made from a combination of essential and fragrance oils which means it will leave your home smelling fresh for hours.

I’m a little bit addicted to cleaning products & air fresheners in general but anything in pretty packaging with a non-chemical scent & I’m thrown over the edge. This product has both & is also available in linen sprays and body products if your that way inclined (I am FYI).

I have the Beach scent room spray which is the perfect summery scent that isn’t overpowering or cloying, it just smells clean & fresh.

Next order I am thinking I might even branch out into the Lettuce, Fresh Clover & English Coast Scents in the Room & Linen Spray (can you spot the theme here, I just really like ‘clean’ fragrances).

My only criticism of this brand is WHY DON’T YOU MAKE CANDLES AS WELL?

Red Leaf Room Sprays $14 USD Red Leaf Etsy Store

5 thoughts on “We Heart Wednesdays

  1. It’s weird, but I have this almost sixth sense that following your blog will lead to a distinct emptiness in my wallet. I like to think it’s pre-cognition (which I could potentially use to my advantage) but I’m pretty sure it’s just common sense since I just bought way too much red leaf, and also new bronzer. Damn you, and thank you.

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