Guest Blogger – Pale Girls Guide To Bronzer

Sassy from Oh Errol has taken time out from providing footy based lolz to write us a guest blog on the best bronzers for pale girls and she knows her bronzers!

Bronzer is tricky, yes? Especially when your natural skin colour is nowhere near the actual colour bronze. There’s a very, very fine line between looking glowing and healthy and summery, and looking like Brooke Shields on a bad day.

But I’ve discovered the first and easiest tip: spangles are not your friend.

Matte Bronzers:

It only makes sense. If you’re a pale person trying to be darker, and mistakes or weird blending with your bronzer will just be more obvious if it’s both darker and spangly.

These two bronzers are both shimmer-free, and they’re also neutral. No yellow or gold tones. Most fair-skinned girls have pinkish-toned skin instead of yellow, but either way these will look perfect:

1. Nars – Zen (this is technically a blush but a fierce SA at Mecca suggested it to me as a bronzer and I never looked back).

2. Benefit – Hoola

You can just dust them on your cheekbones and forehead and put the tiniest dab on the end of your nose (trust me, it works) and instantly look mysteriously healthier and prettier.

But if you want to actually look more tanned, you can use them all over your face and down your neck in as many layers as you like till you’ve reached the right shade of bronzed.

And if you’re like me and turn into a top-deck in summer (brown body, white face) these are pretty much the best things to ever happen to you. It’s just like using crayons as a little kid: you just colour in your face until it matches.

I’m not a 90s no-make-up-make-up girl so I always add a bit of shimmery blush over my bronzer on the apples of my cheeks to look more alive. Let’s be honest, I’m cheap, so I own Maybelline dream mousse in three colours, but NARS Deep Throat is my favourite powder blush.

Shimmer Bronzers:

If you demand shimmer, and you’re pale, then you really have to be restrained, which I hate. A little bit of shimmer is better than a lot. I learned this the hard way … by seeing photos of myself looking like Brooke Shields.

Sassy’s Top 3 Bronzer’s For Pale Girls:

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every bronzer in existence and my top picks are:

1. Nude by Nature mineral bronzer. Not kidding, this is amazing. The colour’s neutral enough that I use it every day, and it has just enough shimmer that I don’t look like a tramp at work. I wear it every day. Other pluses: it’s MASSIVE and cheap too. I love it like my own child.

2. Too Faced – Snow Bunny. You can get away with it in winter, then go to town layering it on in summer to match your tan.

3. NARS – Laguna. This is more for people with yellow undertones, so I only wear it with fake tan underneath, but damn it’s super pretty.  I like to layer NARS  Madly over the top of this on my cheeks; it’s a seashell pink with a beautiful (and wearable) amount of shimmer.

Too easy.

9 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Pale Girls Guide To Bronzer

    • I like a lil’ bit of shimmer too, but I’m pretty restrained with it though. I’ll have to try the Stila one too, I’m currently finishing off Nars Laguna.

  1. I love Nars Laguna but unfortunately it seems everyone else does too because its been sold out for aaaaaaaaaaaages.

    Great post, I always need help with make up stuff!

  2. i have in the past avoided *like the plague* bronzers…as with freckles and pigmentation i figure there’s already enought ‘colour’ on my face,but…..after miss sassy’s blog,i may just be ready to test the waters.

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