Manicure Monday – Rimmel Grey Matter Edition

Last week it was pale apple green; this week I’m feeling the grey.

Normally my technique when choosing my colour for the week is to sit on the floor with my tray of polishes and  pull out about 5 that are calling me. I then look at them all together for a minute, pick them up one by one, hold them against my nails & put them back down again. Then I close my eyes & let my hand hover over the 5 bottles & let it decide (it’s completely insane I know).

Anyway, this week it choose Rimmel’s Grey Matter.  I love this colour, it looks just like concrete & I like the wide curved application brush.

Ok notes to self:-

A. I’ll never make it as a hand model

B. Get a new camera that allows flash with macro settings so you don’t need to use a flash & change the colour.

Ok so it should look more like this colour, but you get the idea.

I’m also loving butter LONDON’s Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator. It’s brilliant at wrangling my overgrown cuticles into shape. I just paint it on, wait a couple of minutes & then push my cuticles back & use a hand scrub to eliminate any remaining excess cuticles. BRILLIANT!

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