I can’t stop buying nail polishes

I have an addictive personality & normally the addiction only lasts for a couple of weeks & then moves onto something else, like the time I was obsessed with teeth whitening & had teeth whitening mouth trays, dental floss, toothpaste, special tooth brush, mouthwash & even a special lacquer you used to paint on your teeth during the day to make them look whiter.

Anyway, that only lasted a month so I have been quite surprised that I have managed to be obsessed with nail polishes & nail products for a full year now.

Before I moved to America in 2008, I had a collection of over 100 nail polishes  from working with different beauty brands which I ended up giving away to friends and family since I couldn’t take them all with me.

Now I am back in Oz, I think I am trying to build up my collection again.

After 10 years of working in the beauty industry, I still can’t bear not to have my nails painted for work so my Sunday night ritual is doing an at home mani.

Here is a small snap shot of some of the nail polishes I own, I think I am probably upto around the 50 mark.

As you can see, I also get obsessed with colours, like the green & blue stage where I bought every polish I could find in those colours. I am currently obsessed with pastels FYI for all you that wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing that.

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