Smells like Christmas

Although I do love having a summer Christmas, sometimes I do wish for a white Christmas. There is just something about it being cold & snowy outside but being cozy inside that you have to experience at least once. Now if you’re like me then it’s probably not going to happen this year but I plan on burning the following candles & closing my eyes so I can at least pretend.

Glasshouse Night Before Christmas Candle Glasshouse

This delicious limited candle will make you feel like the Sugar Plum Fairy with it’s notes of blackcurrants, plums, lemons, lavender and enriched with oakmoss, rose, spice and a touch of musk.

L’Occitane Candied Cherry Scented Candle $50 Adore Beauty

If you are like me & obsessed with everything cherry flavoured & scented then this scrumptious limited edition candle is for you. It’s warm, delicious, sugary scent will fill your home with it’s delicious aroma but I can’t guarantee it will stop your sugar cravings.

Sohum Herbeuse Grande Vegetale Candleir $39.95 Sohum

If you are more of a herbal girl (no not that type of herbal) then this one is for you. It has a crisp scent of fresh cut greens, mingled with with fig leaves,
Grass, velvet sage, tarragon, pine needle, Turkish apple and fir balsam. If you can’t have a real Christmas tree then this is the next best thing plus you can use the gorgeous jar as an apothecary jar once the candle is finished!

Glasshouse Rockefeller White Spruce Glasshouse

If you’ve ever wanted to spend Christmas in New York  and go ice-skating at the Rockefeller Centre, this candle is the one for you. It’s surprising & unique combination of Canadian fir and eucalyptus trees with drops of bergamot, silver fir and white musk might just be the next best thing to the real Rockefeller Centre.

Dusk Christmas Tealights – Bag of 50 $29.99 Dusk

My motto in life is more is more, so these tea light candles have my name all over them. You get a bag of 50 tealights in four Christmassy scents; Berry Christmas, White Christmas, Holly and Festive Spice so you can scatter them all over your home in pretty votive holders.

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